Empathy & Economics: The Product Owner’s Core

August 9, 2012


In most traditional organizations, there seems to be a gaping void between the team building the product and the customers using or requesting it.  This gap is being exacerbated by organizations seeking to create and enforce multi-layer interfaces between the customer and the team members, while also creating committees and multi-step processes for making decisions […]

5 Ways To Revive Stale Retrospectives

May 10, 2012


Recovering from a series of stale Retrospectives is not easy.  People tend to become very cynical, very quickly when they get bored or when they believe their time is being wasted.  For that reason, to break these people out of their Retrospective funk, you need to shake things up a bit.  There is an endless […]

Retrospective Rebuttals Dispelled

May 9, 2012


I have a fundamental belief that Retrospectives are far and away the most important component of the Scrum Framework and an activity that is universally valuable and applicable.  Taking time to reflect on what has happened over a given period of time is an extraordinarily valuable exercise.  The Retrospective is the team’s opportunity to identify experiments […]

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Agile Immersion Day Employing Serious Play

May 3, 2012


I am a huge advocate of hands-on learning and avoid ‘death by slideshow’ training methods at all costs.  So, when I was offered the opportunity to facilitate a full-day session on agile for the PMI, I proposed doing an Agile Immersion Day that would consist of a half-day of Serious Play.  The PMI folks went for […]

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What I’m Working On

May 1, 2012


I believe that making your intentions known is at the core of honesty; a trait which I value deeply.  So, in the spirit of honesty, here is what I’m working on and what I am working towards. The activity that I have managed to keep at the top of my priority list is actively inspecting and […]

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