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Why should you invest in a High Performance Workspace

April 5, 2011


Why should we invest in a High Performance Workspace (HPW)?  This is the most important question you will need to answer, if you are going to  invest time and money in building a new space.  This is no different from any other project or initiative.  You must have a solid business case to justify  moving […]

Envision Your Optimized Agile Environment

January 16, 2011


There are two basic components of a high performance work area; commons and caves.  These two areas have very distinct uses.  The common area is a collocated space used for collaboration and rapid communication.  The cave area is a separate, cube-like space used for deep thought and individual work, as well as personal space.  These […]

Creating an Optimized Agile Environment

January 15, 2011


There are many things that you will need to address as you build your agile practice.  Creating an optimized environment should be one of them.  Molding your surroundings to enable high performing teams, is an essential step in maturing your agile practice.  Obviously, the work that I am talking about, makes the assumption that you […]